The Raman Spectroscopy Research Group at Ghent University aims to optimise Raman spectroscopy for all types of research applications, mainly in archaeometry. We try to balance applied research with novel developments and optimisations. The research group focusses on three main research axes, namely:

The research group purchased its first Raman spectrometer in 1997. At that time, the technique started to develop as a promising technique in archaeometry research. Since then, the research group has always been on the edge of new developments in the research field, including the construction of the first mobile Raman spectrometer that was designed for art analysis (MArtA). During this research, we have always tried to cooperate with many colleagues in Belgium and abroad. Although currently the main focus of our research is in archaeometry, we also cooperate with colleagues in other research domains, who can benefit from our instrumentation and experience in Raman spectroscopy.